2016 European Cup ticket sale Starting Rp 372 thousand

2016 European Cup ticket sale Starting Rp 372 thousand

2016 European Cup ticket sale Starting Rp 372 thousand

Paris – Organizers have announced the 2016 European Cup tournament ticket which will take place in French. The cheapest tickets will be sold for 18 pounds was the highest reaching 640 pounds.

European Cup will be held on June 10 to July 10, 2016. In this 15th edition, the new format is applied where the finals will be attended by 24 teams.

For the four-yearly tournament, the organizers have announced the lowest ticket prices that will be sold. Quite low because only 18 pounds, or around Rp. 372 thousand. Being the most expensive to the final is 640 pounds or almost Rp. 13.2 million.

There will be about 250 thousand tickets sold at the lowest price for the 43 matches of the existing total of 51 matches. A total of one million tickets would be sold freely over the Internet began on June 10 for a full month. While 800 thousand tickets will be sold for the fans teams qualify for the finals after the draw the group in December.

“With this initial price, we would like to see a whole group of people in the stadiums. We were on the same frequency with UEFA President Michel Platini since the beginning,” said President of the Organizing Committee of the European Cup in 2016, Jacques Lambert.

“We want to make sure the European Cup would be a big party and can reach a popular audience as possible. Given the number of these tickets is directed to fans through games and lottery, in fact 80 percent of tickets offered to the general public,” he told Sky Sports.

Ticket sales alone entirely done via the internet and there will be no sales in the stadiums during the tournament. Also there will be no policy ‘who quickly he can’, because the tickets would be sold at random without a time bound for tickets.

Buyers will be allowed to apply for the purchase of up to four tickets, the packages are also available for those who want to watch two games in the same stadium.